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Gudhi::persistent_cohomology::Field_Zp Class Reference

Structure representing the coefficient field \(\mathbb{Z}/p\mathbb{Z}\). More...

#include <include/gudhi/Persistent_cohomology/Field_Zp.h>

Public Member Functions

Element plus_times_equal (const Element &x, const Element &y, const Element &w)
Element times (const Element &y, const Element &w)
Element additive_identity () const
 Returns the additive idendity \(0_{\Bbbk}\) of the field.
Element multiplicative_identity (Element=0) const
 Returns the multiplicative identity \(1_{\Bbbk}\) of the field.
std::pair< Element, Element > inverse (Element x, Element P)
Element times_minus (Element x, Element y)
int characteristic () const
 Returns the characteristic \(p\) of the field.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoefficientField
 CoefficientField ()
Element characteristic ()
Element multiplicative_identity ()
Element additive_identity ()
void plus_equal (Element x, Element y)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CoefficientField
typedef unspecified Element
 Type of element of the field. More...

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

◆ inverse()

std::pair< Element, Element > Gudhi::persistent_cohomology::Field_Zp::inverse ( Element  x,
Element  P 

Returns the inverse in the field. Modifies P. ???

◆ plus_times_equal()

Element Gudhi::persistent_cohomology::Field_Zp::plus_times_equal ( const Element &  x,
const Element &  y,
const Element &  w 

Set x <- x + w * y

◆ times()

Element Gudhi::persistent_cohomology::Field_Zp::times ( const Element &  y,
const Element &  w 

Returns y * w

◆ times_minus()

Element Gudhi::persistent_cohomology::Field_Zp::times_minus ( Element  x,
Element  y 

Returns -x * y.

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