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/* This file is part of the Gudhi Library - https://gudhi.inria.fr/ - which is released under MIT.
* See file LICENSE or go to https://gudhi.inria.fr/licensing/ for full license details.
* Author(s): Pawel Dlotko
* Copyright (C) 2015 Inria
* Modification(s):
* - YYYY/MM Author: Description of the modification
// for persistence algorithm
#include <gudhi/Bitmap_cubical_complex.h>
#include <gudhi/Persistent_cohomology.h>
// standard stuff
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <vector>
#include <random>
#include <algorithm>
std::random_device rd;
std::mt19937 gen(rd());
double get_random()
std::uniform_real_distribution<double> dist(0., 1.);
return dist(gen);
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
<< "This program computes persistent homology, by using bitmap_cubical_complex class, of cubical "
<< "complexes. The first parameter of the program is the dimension D of the bitmap. The next D parameters are "
<< "number of top dimensional cubes in each dimension of the bitmap. The program will create random cubical "
<< "complex of that sizes and compute persistent homology of it." << std::endl;
int p = 2;
double min_persistence = 0;
if (argc < 3) {
std::cerr << "Wrong number of parameters, the program will now terminate\n";
return 1;
size_t dimensionOfBitmap = (size_t)atoi(argv[1]);
std::vector<unsigned> sizes;
size_t multipliers = 1;
for (size_t dim = 0; dim != dimensionOfBitmap; ++dim) {
unsigned sizeInThisDimension = (unsigned)atoi(argv[2 + dim]);
multipliers *= sizeInThisDimension;
std::vector<double> data(multipliers);
std::generate(data.begin(), data.end(), get_random);
Bitmap_cubical_complex b(sizes, data);
// Compute the persistence diagram of the complex
pcoh.init_coefficients(p); // initializes the coefficient field for homology
std::stringstream ss;
ss << "randomComplex_persistence";
std::ofstream out(ss.str().c_str());
return 0;
Cubical complex represented as a bitmap, class with basic implementation.
Definition: Bitmap_cubical_complex_base.h:57
Cubical complex represented as a bitmap.
Definition: Bitmap_cubical_complex.h:49
Structure representing the coefficient field .
Definition: Field_Zp.h:27
Computes the persistent cohomology of a filtered complex.
Definition: Persistent_cohomology.h:54
This file includes common file reader for GUDHI.