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Gudhi::coxeter_triangulation::Embed_in_Rd< Function_ > Class Template Reference

Embedding of an implicit manifold in a higher dimension. More...

#include <include/gudhi/Functions/Embed_in_Rd.h>

Public Member Functions

Eigen::VectorXd operator() (const Eigen::VectorXd &p) const
 Value of the function at a specified point. More...
std::size_t amb_d () const
 Returns the domain (ambient) dimension.
std::size_t cod_d () const
 Returns the codomain dimension.
Eigen::VectorXd seed () const
 Returns a point on the zero-set of the embedded function.
 Embed_in_Rd (const Function_ &function, std::size_t d)
 Constructor of the embedding function. More...

Detailed Description

template<class Function_>
class Gudhi::coxeter_triangulation::Embed_in_Rd< Function_ >

Embedding of an implicit manifold in a higher dimension.

Template Parameters
Function_The function template parameter. Should be a model of the concept FunctionForImplicitManifold.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Embed_in_Rd()

template<class Function_ >
Gudhi::coxeter_triangulation::Embed_in_Rd< Function_ >::Embed_in_Rd ( const Function_ &  function,
std::size_t  d 

Constructor of the embedding function.

[in]functionThe function to be embedded in higher dimension.
[in]dEmbedding dimension.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<class Function_ >
Eigen::VectorXd Gudhi::coxeter_triangulation::Embed_in_Rd< Function_ >::operator() ( const Eigen::VectorXd &  p) const

Value of the function at a specified point.

[in]pThe input point. The dimension needs to coincide with the ambient dimension.

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