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Gudhi::contraction::Contraction_visitor< EdgeProfile > Class Template Reference

Interface for a visitor of the edge contraction process. More...

#include <include/gudhi/Contraction/policies/Contraction_visitor.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void on_started (ComplexType &complex)
 Called before the edge contraction process starts.
virtual void on_stop_condition_reached ()
 Called when the algorithm stops.
virtual void on_collected (const Profile &profile, boost::optional< FT > cost)
 Called during the collecting phase (when a cost is assigned to the edges), for each edge collected.
virtual void on_selected (const Profile &profile, boost::optional< FT > cost, int initial_count, int current_count)
 Called during the processing phase (when edges are contracted), for each edge that is selected.
virtual void on_contracting (const Profile &profile, boost::optional< Point > placement)
 Called when an edge is about to be contracted and replaced by a vertex whose position is *placement.
virtual void on_contracted (const Profile &profile, boost::optional< Point > placement)
 Called when after an edge has been contracted onto a new point placement. A possibility would to remove popable blockers at this point for instance.
virtual void on_non_valid (const Profile &profile)
 Called for each selected edge which cannot be contracted because the ValidContractionPredicate is false.

Detailed Description

template<typename EdgeProfile>
class Gudhi::contraction::Contraction_visitor< EdgeProfile >

Interface for a visitor of the edge contraction process.


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