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/* This file is part of the Gudhi Library - https://gudhi.inria.fr/ - which is released under MIT.
* See file LICENSE or go to https://gudhi.inria.fr/licensing/ for full license details.
* Author(s): Mathieu Carrière
* Copyright (C) 2017 Inria
* Modification(s):
* - YYYY/MM Author: Description of the modification
#include <gudhi/GIC.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
void usage(int nbArgs, char *const progName) {
std::cerr << "Error: Number of arguments (" << nbArgs << ") is not correct\n";
std::cerr << "Usage: " << progName << " filename.off N [-v] \n";
std::cerr << " i.e.: " << progName << " ../../data/points/human.off 100 -v \n";
exit(-1); // ----- >>
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
if ((argc != 3) && (argc != 4)) usage(argc, argv[0]);
using Point = std::vector<float>;
std::string off_file_name(argv[1]);
int m = atoi(argv[2]);
bool verb = 0;
if (argc == 4) verb = 1;
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Init of a graph induced complex from an OFF file
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
bool check = GIC.read_point_cloud(off_file_name);
if (!check) {
std::clog << "Incorrect OFF file." << std::endl;
} else {
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Display information about the graph induced complex
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
if (verb) {
std::clog << "Graph induced complex is of dimension " << stree.dimension() << " - " << stree.num_simplices()
<< " simplices - " << stree.num_vertices() << " vertices." << std::endl;
std::clog << "Iterator on graph induced complex simplices" << std::endl;
for (auto f_simplex : stree.filtration_simplex_range()) {
for (auto vertex : stree.simplex_vertex_range(f_simplex)) {
std::clog << vertex << " ";
std::clog << std::endl;
return 0;
Compute the Euclidean distance between two Points given by a range of coordinates....
Definition: distance_functions.h:32
Simplex Tree data structure for representing simplicial complexes.
Definition: Simplex_tree.h:95
Filtration_simplex_range const & filtration_simplex_range(Indexing_tag=Indexing_tag())
Returns a range over the simplices of the simplicial complex, in the order of the filtration.
Definition: Simplex_tree.h:338
Simplex_vertex_range simplex_vertex_range(Simplex_handle sh) const
Returns a range over the vertices of a simplex.
Definition: Simplex_tree.h:349
size_t num_vertices() const
Returns the number of vertices in the complex.
Definition: Simplex_tree.h:651
size_t num_simplices()
Returns the number of simplices in the simplex_tree.
Definition: Simplex_tree.h:664
Cover complex data structure.
Definition: GIC.h:99
void set_cover_from_Voronoi(Distance distance, int m=100)
Creates the cover C from the Voronoï cells of a subsampling of the point cloud.
Definition: GIC.h:897
void create_complex(SimplicialComplex &complex)
Creates the simplicial complex.
Definition: GIC.h:1333
void set_type(const std::string &t)
Specifies whether the type of the output simplicial complex.
Definition: GIC.h:188
void find_simplices()
Computes the simplices of the simplicial complex.
Definition: GIC.h:1347
void plot_OFF()
Creates a .off file called SC.off for 3D visualization, which contains the 2-skeleton of the GIC....
Definition: GIC.h:1125
void set_color_from_coordinate(int k=0)
Computes the function used to color the nodes of the simplicial complex from the k-th coordinate.
Definition: GIC.h:1009
void set_graph_from_OFF()
Creates a graph G from the triangulation given by the input .OFF file.
Definition: GIC.h:344
bool read_point_cloud(const std::string &off_file_name)
Reads and stores the input point cloud from .(n)OFF file.
Definition: GIC.h:244
void set_verbose(bool verb=false)
Specifies whether the program should display information or not.
Definition: GIC.h:196